TeenyFreaks Series 1 Foil Bag

Just one inch tall, TeenyFreaks are mini-collectible figures with a split personality. Each figure is double-sided, featuring a friendly neighborhood citizen on one side and a "freaky" alter-ego on the other. 

Inside Each Blind Pack: 

  • 2 Collectible 1" TeenyFreaks figures
  • 2 Double Sided Puzzle Pieces 
  • 1 Collector's Checklist 

Collect all 16 scary fun figures, plus find 4 rare, hard to find figures: Glowing Cosmic Calamity, the Graveyard Shifter, Blazing Fire Frighter, and Goldi Roxx.

Completed 35 piece puzzle features a TeenyTown playset on one side and a mini-poster on the other side. All figures and puzzle pieces found in blind packs are random, adding mystery and fun in each pack! 

Ages 4+


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